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Now Free Conferencing Just a browser with Internet away!

Tringgr brings Free instant video conferencing without any plugins, downloads and totally hassle free. Tringgr Video Conferencing and Chat solution is as simple as it can be. Its built on top of WebRTC and requires only your browser to start a video chat (upto 4 participants). Start a conference, Share your Conference link with your friends or colleagues and they just need a browser (Chrome,Opera or Firefox) with internet to join you!! Try it Now... Presently works with

Tringgr - Video Chat made Simple!

Group Video Chat, Room Creation, Peer-to-Peer

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

Audio/Video Conferencing

Screen Sharing

Tringgr Connect

Audio/Video Chat

Text Chat

Tringgr Engage


Text\Video Chat with your Friends Instantly and its


How would Tringgr Look!

Tringgr is shaping up at the moment and we are excited to present the Video Conferencing part of it currently. Tringgr is going to be full blown chat and conference engine with contact lists, secure conferencing, social networking, anonymous conferencing, IM, Screen Sharing features and we are working hard to give you the best online conferencing and IM experience.