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Video Chat on the fly

Tringgr is a revolutionary product that enables simple, affordable and High Quality video Conferencing at low bandwidth for everyone. Develop on the top of cutting edge technology –WebRTC, Tringgr promise real time communication from the browser- with no downloads, no-plugin necessary.


How it Works?


Now Free Conferencing Just a browser with Internet away!


Text\Video Chat with your Friends Instantly and its




What is is probably the first Webrtc based full communication service from India where we provide ability to communicate anywhere any time at really low bandwidths. We provide different solutions according to the enterprise usage and needs via TringgrEngage, TringgrConnect and TringgrAPI.
What do I have to download?
For all our solutions, you don’t have to download any software or plug-ins, or use specific hardware! You just need Internet and web browser
How do I make a call from Tringgr?
Making video call is hassle Free. Three easy steps all it takes to go live. • Click on “Start Video conference” Button • Share the Link with Friends via Facebook, Email • Bingo! You are there, Go live!
How many People can get together in Tringgr?
It works with up to 5 people. This is ideal for small group who need quick sync-up with friends or colleagues in short time.
Is there a time limit on my call?
Not at all! Once you start the call and then there is no Stopping.
I love this Application! Can you customize this for my business?
Yes we can customize this as per your needs. Please connect with us for Quote price.